Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dog Bone Mat and Poo Bag / Purse Crochet Pattern | Posh Pooch Designs

Have you ever been out and about, and your sweet
 little furbaby drops a "tootsie roll" and you have nothing
 to pick it up with and no were to put it?  
Well I have! 
I dig in my purse for a little bit of used tissue and do the
 best I can to clean it up. And of course, there isn't a trash
 can in site, so I have to stash it in my purse till I find one. 
 EEEEEWWW  or ... I walk a way like I don't see it!    
Well I have the cutest little Dog Mat -
Poo Bag / Purse for you.
  It is a great size to put a few plastic poo bags in.
 Great for going on a walk or trip to the dog part. 
Light and easy to carry, and looks pretty cute too.
Dog Bone Shaped Poo Bag/ Purse

Shaped like a dog bone, and has a cute little paw print applique, 
and a double chained handle, and those sweet little bows.
 I think any little dog loving girl would love to have one as well.

A Video to  help with the tricky corners.

See this Video on my Youtube Crochet
Channel at this LINK

The Updated Version is at This LINK: 

 For The Dog Mat -  Attach yarn to the top corner of the mat, and 
*Sc across the top edge, 2 sc in each sc around the dog bone bump, 
sc across the middle between the 2 bumps, 
then 2 sc in each sc around the next bump*
sc across the bottom edge and repeat From * to * again, join to the 1st sc.
Perfect size Dog Mat for the little Dogs,
and it is completely washable!

For Dog Bone Purse - Put the two Dog bones together, right side out,
 and beginning on the left, inside corner, sc around the whole bone,
leaving the top space between the bones open. 

Sc around the opening, when you get back to the left where you started, 
ch 40, join to the other side of the opening, to form the handle,
 then slst back up the ch to back to the other side , join and  tie off.

Paw print Applique:
Crochet Pattern and Video at this link:
Paw Print 

R - 1 :Ch 3, 6 dc in 2nd ch from the hook, join, ch 2
R - 2 : 2 dc in each st around, join,
R - 3 : slst in the first, * in next st 1 hdc, 1 dc, 1 hdc, ss in the next st,
repeat from * 3 more times. tie off. place on the front of the Dog Bone Purse
 and sew into place.

Ch 35, ss back up the ch, tie off. Tie into a bow and
place one on each side of the Bone purse.


This Crochet Pattern, Dog Bone Purse,
 is now available 
in a Instant download PDF file 

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Bren said...

These designs are great! Too cute. I cannot wait to create the dog bone purse. My daughter is having a puppy theme party, so those are going to be the favor bags. Thanks for posting your designs!