Monday, December 10, 2012

Big Dogs Crochet Patterns

I have had many requests for hats and Sweaters
for Medium to large Dogs.
Well, I have heard your requests
and have written a few Patterns.
The Crochet Pattern for
 the Striped Earflap hat is
now available in small,
Medium and large Dogs sizes
You can all 3 patterns in a bundle

Large size fits 18 - 24 inch head
Approximately 35- 100 lb dog
You will find it at these links.
Ravelry PDF

Medium Size fits 15-17 inch head
Approximately 15-30 lb dogs
You will find the links
Ravelry PDF

Easy Chunky Dog Sweater is designed for any size Dog
From teeny to XXLarge
The pattern has instructions for measuring your dog,
and adjusting the pattern to fit your dog.
Ravelry PDF

Warm Dog Sweater is designed for the
medium to large Dog
has instructions for measuring your dog
and adjusting the pattern to your dog.
** Includes both a flower and bow tie patterns.
Ravelry PDF

I also a few other Medium to large size hat patterns
 in both my Ravelry and Etsy Shop.
So now the
Medium and large Size
Dogs are not left out!

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Unknown said...

AAAACCCKKKK!!! Where have I been? I did not see that you added the bigger sizes for the ear flap hats until just now. I had to figure out myself and try to resize up from the little pattern, and make for Great Danes, Bull Mastiffs, you name it. I had the most ridiculous orders this past Christmas!! My life would have been SO much easier if I had seen these =:O. I am ordering them RIGHT NOW!!!