Friday, December 7, 2012

Elf on the Shelf - Nacho the Ornery Elf

Here at Posh Pooch Designs
we are doing the
"Elf on The Shelf"
With A little ornery
Chihuahua Elf Named Nacho.
Day 1 : Nacho in the Dog Cookies.

Day 2 : Nacho in the yarn Basket
Day 3 : nacho in the Spice Cabinet
Day 4: Nacho with baby Jesus
Day 5 : Nacho getting tickled by Maximo and Rosie
Day 6 : Nacho talking with the Wreath Chihuahuas
Day 7 : Nacho Shopping on line
Day 8 : Nacho in the Sleigh 
Day 9 : Nacho in the Coffee Cup on the Spiral Stand.
Day 10 : Nacho Blaming his accident on Rosie Bell.

Day 11 : Nacho watching Duck Dynasty.

Well, That is the first 11 days with
The Ornery Chihuahua Elf!