Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nacho - The Ornery Chihuahua Elf Is At It Again!

nacho found my New Doggie Cowboy hat.
Nacho thinks he is Ruff and Tuff

Rosie Bell got sick and had to wear the cone of shame,
So nacho wore one too.

Nacho wanted to have a
"Beanies for Brave Students" Beanie too.

Then I found him napping with our new grandaughter.

The next morning, he was snuggled in my socks.

Then, I found him in my bathroom!

hum.... wonder who the coal's for.

Then I am missing 2 candy canes off the tree.

Gonna miss Nacho,the ornery elf
when he heads back to the north Pole.


Elisabeth Spivey said...

I love watching these! The kids like it too! Nacho will have to make some random appearances through the year!

Posh Pooch Designs said...

I have a feeling He will visit, often!

Unknown said...

Get well soon Rosie!
Love ya Nacho!

Jessie Rayot said...

Mischievous little Nacho! Very cute.