Saturday, February 20, 2016

Posh Pooch Designs Has New Fresh Look! | Posh Pooch Designs

 has been helping me  
freshen up my Blog and my Webpage.
She is very Smart, and I could not run my business
 without her!
I really hope you like the new look and bigger fonts.
I really love how clean it feels and 
have added some new tabs. 
Check them out!
They will help you find what you are looking for.
You can find my Webpage Here:
It is clean and simple.

Now I want to address a couple questions:
1. "Why do you have Ads on your Blog?"

Basically they help pay the bills.

I have ads on my Blog and Webpage 
because it cost money to run and maintain
both of them.

And, I can keep giving you Free Crochet Patterns.
If I didn't have the ads, all of my patterns would be 
paid patterns. And I enjoy designing free patterns for you.

I do try to keep the ads to things that interest you, yarn, 
patterns, crafts, craft classes, dog items and such.

2. "Why do you charge for some of your pattern, 
Why are they not all Free?"

There is nothing I love to do more then designing
 and writing Crochet and Knitting Patterns!

But, I do charge for some of  my Patterns to help take care 
of my pooch's medical and physical needs. And help to
pay our house hold bills in general. 
Basically, It is my job.
Designing, writing, editing, photography, 
editing photography, testing patterns, and
 formatting them. Takes a lot of time.
And Math! I HATE MATH!
And I do feel I should be paid for my time, 
like any other job.

I keep my Patterns inexpensive --NONE are over $4.99 
unless it is a Pattern bundle of 2 or more patterns.
My price points are $4.99, $3.99 and $1.50
You can find my Patterns in my Shops at:
I do Sell custom Items in my Etsy Shop as well.
Although, any item in any of my shops can be ordered
 as a custom item in any size. Just contact me.

3. Lastly, "What is the best way to contact you, 
with a question or comment?"

The best way to contact me is the "Contact" tab
At the top of the page. Just click that tab.
If you make a lot of comments on one blog, 
it thinks you are trying to "spam" my blog and 
will blog your comments.

I hope that answered your questions. 
And if you have more, feel fee to contact me.

Never miss a free pattern, update, news, 
contest or give away!
You can now follow our Blog, 
by getting it sent right to your email. 
There is a tab on the upper right side 
of the blog, sign up there.

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