Thursday, April 28, 2016

Basic Tools For Leaning to Crochet | Posh Pooch Designs

I get this Question on a weekly basis, 
"What tools do I need to learn to Crochet?"
It can be very expensive if you purchase all the
 "things" you think you need.
But really you only need a few tools.
There are only 6 tools that you will need, 
When learning to Crochet

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1. Crochet Hooks - 
There are a lot of different types and sizes of 
Crochet Hooks.
I think when you first start, just pic up a few sizes of inexpensive hooks to see if you will like them.
Then you can try different kinds as you feel 
more confident.

2. Tape Measure:
 Some type of measuring tape or ruler to help you
 measure your items. This will help you with sizing and 

3. Stitch Markers:
Stitch markers are a great help in marking corners, 
rows and such. There are several types. 
Some are plastic, some are metal,
and some are decorative. 

4. Yarn Needles:
You will need a Yarn Needle or Tapestry Needle 
for weaving in your ends, and sewing pieces together, 
and sewing on buttons.
There are several sizes, use one that fits the yarn 
you are using.
You will find them made of metal or plastic. 

5. Scissors:
You will Always want a pair of scissors with you.
You never know when you will need to cut out a knot.
You do not have to get an expensive pair. 
I like to buy a few pairs of child's school scissors 
when they are on sale in the Fall.

6. Yarn:
You definitely need Yarn! I suggest when you are
 first starting to purchase some inexpensive yarn 
and practice your stitches. Then when you feel more
 confident, splurge on some expensive yarn.
I hope this has answered your Question.
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