Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Live Video Chat - Granny Square or Afghan Square? Posh Pooch Designs

In Today's Live Video Chat we are 
Discussing the Question,
"Is it a Granny Square or an Afghan Square?"

I Have loved Granny Squares since I first learned to make one..... 
Many, many years ago!
The Difference between a Granny Square and an 
Afghan Square is really quite simple.
A Granny Square is the traditional or classic Granny Square. 
The Afghan Square is any Crochet Square that can be
 make into a Blanket.

See the Live Video Chat at this LINK

"So All Granny Squares are Afghan Squares,
But not all Afghan Squares are Granny Squares.
Like All Mustangs are cars, But not all Cars are Mustangs."

See the Video  "How to Crochet  a Classic Granny Square"
 on my Youtube channel at This LINK.

Maximo Loves Granny Square blankets the best!

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