Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Live Video Chat - Slip Knots and Slip Stitches | Posh Pooch Design

In Today's Live Video Chat we will be discussing
 the Difference between  a Slip Knot and  a Slip Stitch.

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I received a message from a beginner crocheter who 
was confused and asked me to help her.
So I made a short Video to demonstrate.

See the Short Video on my Youtube Channel at this LINK

I also made some pictures to help illustrate.
 A Slip Knot is the knot we use when starting a crochet chain.

A Slip Stitch is a Crochet Stitch, it is called a slip stitch because you are slipping one loop,through another loop.

A Slip Stitch is also the stitch we use to join a round or circle.

 So you see, The Slip Knot and Slip Stitch are 2 different techniques and have 2 different purposes.

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