Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Live Video Chat - "Loops and Posts" | Posh Pooch Designs

Are you confused by which loop to stitch in, 
or what a post is?
I will try to explain in today's Video Chat,
Loops, Bumps and Posts... as it pertains to crochet!
See The Live Video Chat at This LINK

Front Loop, Back Loop and Bottom Loop of the Chain.
Front and Back Post of a Stitch.
See a short demonstration on my 
Youtube Channel at this LINK

These are the loops on the top of the chain.
The loop facing you is the front loop, 
The loop facing away is the back loop.

The Bottom loop is the loop on the underneath side of the chain.
It runs down the center of the back of the chain.

The Post is the Body of the Stitch, 
whether it is single crochet, hdc, dc, tr or whatever the stitch is.

When you stitch the Front Post you stitch through
 on the side facing you.
The Hook is going under the Front post.

When you stitch the Back Post  you stitch through
 on the back side of the Post.
The Hook is going from the back, across the post, 
and stitched on the back side of the stitch.

This Picture shows 
Double Crochet Stitches 2 FP, 2BP, 2FP, 2BP 
You can see the stitches on the front, 
and the stitches on the back.

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