Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Live Video - Does Ch 3 Count as a Stitch? | Posh Pooch Designs

Live With Sara 
Today's Questions: We have 2 of them

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First: Where do you get your Music 
 For your Videos?
My Hubby is a talented musician.
 He has lead choirs, Quartets, groups, and orchestras.
He can play just about any instrument there is.
 He writes, arranges and produces all of my music.
He is amazing. 
I tell him what I want, he writes a melody, 
then adds instruments, bells, noises  and more. 
And the song and style is always exactly what I wanted.
He is also my biggest fan!

Second:  "Does Ch 3 Count as a Stitch?" What does that mean?

Well, It does sometimes and sometimes it does not.
It Just depends on the Crochet Pattern and what the 
designer wants.

1. Usually chain 3 at the ends of Straight rows will count as the first double Crochet of the next Row. 

2. When Stitching in a Circle, the ch 3 usually counts as a the 1st Dc of the next Row.

3. When stitching a Granny Square, The Ch 3 can count as the 1st Dc, as well.

But, Sometimes it will not, 
if the pattern designer is wanting
 a certain effect.
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I will try my best to find it.

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