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Live With Sara - What's the Deal With Dye Lots? And a Little Christmas Fun! | Posh Pooch Designs

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Today's Topic is:
What's The Deal With Dye Lots?

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Why do some yarns have them and

 Some do not.

First of all What's a Dye Lot:

A Dye Lot is the number given to each ball or skein of yarn dyed in the same batch. Even though the colors might be the same, the dye may have change from batch to batch.

Just because the yarns are the same yarn brand, fiber and  color does not mean it is the same dye lot.

There can be slight changes in shade that you may not even notice till you are in the middle of a project.

Okay so back to the original Question, 
Why do some yarns have a dye lot and some do not?

Acrylic Yarn manufacturers tend to dye the yarn while it is in the fiber stage, which mixes the color in before it is spun into yarn. So it does not have a dye lot as it is a part of the fiber, and the colors are true colors.

Wool, Cotton and other fibers manufacturers dye the yarn while it is in the yarn stage, so the colors will slightly vary. 
So it will have a Dye lot number.

But always, always check to make sure the dye lot numbers match, especially if you are needing several.

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