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 Gauge, Tension and Tie Dye

"Crochet Gauge is the number of stitches across per inch, 
and the number of Rows down per inch, 
when stitching a swatch, to check for tension." 
Usually the Yarn label will indicate the Swatch to be
Stitched in Single Crochet Stitches (sc). 
Here is one I photographed from a yarn label.
The Middle Square tells you Which Crochet Hook to use,
and How to make a Gauge Swatch.

Red Heart Super Saver yarn
Crochet hook - 5.5 MM
12 sc X 15 rows =
 a 4 x 4 inch square swatch,
or a 10 x 10 centimeter square.
( remember to ch 13, and begin stitching in the 2nd ch from the hook)

Tension is how tightly or loosely you stitch.
You gauge Swatch will help you determine if your 
tension is correct.

More Info on Gauge - LINK

Another Question:
"I have completed all of the 11 Back To Crochet Basics Lessons, 
There is only 1 more.
When I finish, will I be an accomplished Crocheter"?

The Answer is probably not. 
I don't even consider myself to be an Accomplished Crocheter.
 The art of Crochet is always changing. 
new Stitches and techniques. New yarns and fibers.
I am always learning new things about Crochet.

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