Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Live With Sara - "Chain, Chains, and More Chains" | Posh Pooch Designs

Live With Sara 
Posh Pooch Designs
And we have a Special Guest:
My Granddaughter is visiting From Oklahoma.
See The Video on my Youtube Crochet
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Today's Questions.
Chains, Chains, and More Chains!
Chaining seems simple, 
but sometimes it is not.

Oh No, I have too many Chains?
If you have the right amount of stitches, 
but too many chains, just take out the unneeded chains.

Now I don't have enough Chains?
You thought you chained the right amount of chains, 
but keep coming up short.
But don't panic. You can add more stitched by using
 Foundation Stitches.

Foundation Stitches can be used For Single Crochet, 
Double Crochet, and Half Double Crochet, also.
Here is a link to How to  FDSC - LINK
I Do have plans To demonstrate the Other Stitches, as well

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See Ya"ll Next Week!

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