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COFFEE AND CROCHET (28) How To Have a Great Craft Sale | Posh Pooch Designs

 How To Have a Great Craft Sale
Sara Sach of Posh Pooch Designs

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We still had a great Video and a fun time.

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I Get This Question Quite often,
"I am doing a Craft sale, can you give me some tips?"

I haven't done Crochet Crafts sales in a few years, 
but here are a few tips I learned.
These tips are directed at "Crocheters", 
But are great tips for any crafters doing sales.

1. Be Seasonal 
Make things for the season or holidays and
be mindful of the colors as well. 
 If it's Spring, don't sell winter hats.
And Don't sell Sun hats, in the winter.

2. School and Team Colors:
Make things that reflect the team and school colors in the area.
Makes Things in the team colors.
Kids and teens really like that.

Things that sold well in School colors:
Fingerless gloves, headbands, ear warmers, 
Dog bandannas, Hair bows, Water Bottle Cozies
Simple Beanies, Scarves and Cowls

3. Lower Price Point:
You can have a few expensive items, 
But I would keep my main price point at $10 - $15
Especially if it a local or school sale.
Have some $5.00 items

Some great $5.00 items- beaded Bracelets, in 2 packs for Friendship bracelets. Crochet and Fabric Hair Scrunches.

4. Too much stuff can be overwhelming:
It is great to have some variety, But piled up table, with too much stuff can seem messy, and "garage sell like". 
You don't want people thinking it's a garage sell 
and expect garage sale prices.

Put out a good Variety, but leave some of the duplicates,
 in tubes under the table to be brought out when needed.

5. Lastly - Price Everything:
Don't make people ask how much things are.
Some will ask, But most will walk away, and not ask.
Put a tag with a clear price on every item.

A Few Hot Crochet Sellers:
Cotton Grocery Bags
Water Bottle Cozies
Reusable Lunch bags
Small Backpacks
Messy Bun and Ponytail hats are still great sellers

Best of Luck on All Your Craft Sells.


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