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Grantastic Crochet A Long - Continuous Join | Posh Pooch Designs

Grantastic Crochet A Long 
"Continuous Join" Also know As,
"Join As You Go"
By Sara Sach of Posh Pooch Designs

The method we are using to Join Our Crochet Squares into a Blanket is Called "The Continuous Join Method".
Also Sometimes Called "Join As You Go".
 I love this way of joining, because you can join all the squares without cutting your yarn, and it illuminates all those weave ins.
Lot's of time saved, and you get a lovely finished blanket.

What's The Grantastic Crochet A Long?
It's the Year Long Crochet A Long - 2019
Learn More at This LINK

See The Video 
For The Continuous Join Method
On my Youtube Crochet 
Channel At This LINK

What Do I Do if All my Squares are not the Same Size?

1. If they are off less then a half ,Inch it probably will not matter.
They are all different so some variance will happen. And you can easily ease them into place.

2. You can Block your Squares to get a more uniform look, and make it easier to join the squares.

3. If your squares are more then a half inch off, you can always add a roe of single crochet stitches to edge to equal them out.

The Continuous Join Method

Skill: Easy

Crochet Hook - H/ 5.00 MM
Yarn- 5 Oz. of Med (4) Your Choice of color
Yarn Needle

Single crochet (sc)

Step 1- Make sure you have 48 Squares - 4 x 12 = 48

Step 2 - Lay the Square out 6 rows of 8 Squares.
I mixed mine all around for a random look.

Step 3 - Join yarn to the 1st square and sc across the 1st square as indicated by the arrow in the picture.
Place 2 sc in the corner, and sc up the side of the 1st square, again indicated by the arrow. place 2 sc in that corner, and sc across the top of the 1st square.

*Turn, sc across the bottom of the 2nd square, sc also in the sc of the 1st square joining 
as you st, 2 sc in the corner, sc up the side of the 2nd square, 2 sc in the corner, 
sc across the top of the square*

Continue To Repeat From * To * working the next 4 squares as indicated by the Arrows in the picture. 

Do not Sc Across the top of the last Square.

Step 4 -
Sc Down the sides of all 6 of the Squares, and join in the next 6 squares.

Repeat Step 3 and 4 till all the squares a joined.

Sc Evenly on the last 3 sides of the Blanket, join to the 1 st sc.

I stitched a row of sc around the blanket.

You can decide on what trim you would like. 
So This is the end of 
The Grantastic Crochet A Long 2019
But, The Patterns and Videos will always be
 there for you.

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