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Cancer Awareness Ribbon With Wings Crochet Pattern | Posh Pooch Designs

 Cancer Awareness Ribbon With Wings Crochet Pattern
By Sara Sach of  Posh Pooch Designs

As a favor for a Dear Friend I pulled out my Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon, added some Angel Wings and some
 beads and made a Lovely Ornament.
When a tragedy happens, sometime it is hard to know 
what to say. Giving someone we care about one of these awareness pins or ornaments let's them know we care.
We are thinking of them and are here if they need us. 

 It can also be worn as a pin or added to any hat,
 scarf, bag or sweater.

October is Breast Cancer 
Awareness Month

But we need to keep aware of all the Cancers that
 people are fighting on a daily basis. I do believe that all
 of us have been touched by Cancer in some way.
I Don't hate many things, But Cancer is one of the things,
 I do hate.
The beauty of this pattern is that is can be used for
 any of the Awareness Ribbons.

Here is a picture I found on line with many  of the colors
 for the awareness ribbons. I am sure there are more.
 If you do not see one you are looking for, look on line.

See The Video on my Crochet Youtube
 Channel At This LINK

Cancer Awareness Ribbon With Wings Crochet Pattern
By Sara Sach

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Skill: Easy

Crochet Hook - H / 5.00 MM
Yarn - Med WW (4) Acrylic or Cotton (main color, white for wings)
Yarn Needle
4 or more small pony beads (your choice of colors)
Brooch or Safety pin
Chain (ch)
Slip Stitch (slst)
Single Crochet (sc)
Half Double Crochet (hdc)
Double Crochet (dc)
Slip Stitch (sl st)
Skip (sk)
Size: 3 X 3 inches



R: 1 - With  Main Color - Ch 24, turn, 

sc in the 2nd ch crochet the hook,  
1 sc in the next 9 chs, 2 sc in the next 3 chs,
1 sc in the lst 10 sc, turn, ch1 (26 sc)

 R: 2 – 1 slst in each sc, tie off, weave in your ends. (26 slst)

Wings -  *With White yarn, – 

Center the top 3 slst, count down 4 slst to the right,

Join yarn to that slst, stitching up toward the top of the ribbon,
2 sc in the same st, 2 hdc in the next st, 2 dc in the next st,
Turn, ch3, sk the next dc, slst in the next hdc, ch3, sk the next hdc,
Slst in the next sc, ch3, sk the last sc, and slst in the next slst.
Tie off, and weave in your ends.*

Turn Ribbon over, working on the back side of the ribbon,
 and repeat from * to * for the 2nd wing.

Cut a piece of matching ribbon about 10 inches, thread the needle, 
slide on 1 bead.
Cross the center and tack it in place, keeping the bead in the center. 

For A Pin - Add a Safety pin to the back of the Ribbon.

For An Ornament-  Cut a matching piece of yarn 12 inches long.

 Loop it through the top center of the ribbon, Thread on 3 beads of choice,
tie a knot. Tie another knot about 2 inches up, and trim top of yarn.

These Ribbons make wonderful gifts to remember those we have lost, but also they can be a great encouragement to those still fighting.

Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness

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