Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How I Design and A free Cute Pattern

How I Design a Crochet Pattern &
A Free Leg Warmers for Dogs Crochet Pattern.
Many people have asked me how I come up with all 
my fun and sometimes crazy ideas for Dog apparel. 
Sometime I get suggestions, and sometime I have 
 ideas swimming around  inside my head.   
When I decide on a specific idea, I usually
 draw a very rough picture.

 In this blog we are going to Design Leg Warmers for:

Maximo and Rosie..The world's Cutest Dog Models!!!!

I am a visual learner, some would say "an artist", 
but looking at that drawing, no one would say that now. 
But anyway, I need to see it on paper to see
 what I want to create. 
As you can see I also take a few measurements.
 I then decide what stitches I want to use. 
Since these are very small, 
I decided to use Single Crochet. 
I want them to be stretchy so I  am going
 to stitch the rows Vertically.

I begin with a chain, and from there design the pattern.
 I write down the pattern in the notebook as I go. 
This way I can change it,  
and make marks and ideas, about the pattern as I go.

It probably looks like Scribbles to you,
 but it makes perfect sense to me ( most of the time).

I always measure, over and over again. Crocheting
can be tricky and I want my finished project to fit.
Please, Add This Crochet Pattern to Your
Ravelry Favorites.

Now you give it a try:

Pattern for Dog Leg Warmers:

Skill : Extremely Easy

Materials :

Hook : H
Worsted Weight yarn (I used Assorted Red Heart Yarns I already had)

Stitches :

Chain (ch)
Single Crochet (sc)

We will be stitching through the back posts in order to
 give the leg warmers a ribbed look.
This pattern will fit about 6 inches around and 5 inches in length.
Depending on what kind of yarn and how tight you crochet
will determine fit. You will need to measure your dogs front legs.

R - 1 : Ch 13, starting in the second ch, 12 sc, turn ch 1

R - 2 : 12 sc, turn, ch 1

R - 3 - 12 : Repeat R- 2

R - 13 : Repeat row 2,  fold leg warmer in half to form a tube,
 and sc evenly up the side to close the tube.
 Then sc evenly around the top to form an edge. tie off.

The color choices are endless!

I hope you will try this pattern
 and have some fun with it...
And I would love to see a pic or two!

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