Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Lesson In Patience

Yesterday, as I was leaving my house to run some
 errands, it began to rain. It was actually pouring so hard 
my windshield washers could not keep up.
 I rounded the end of the gravel road,
and out of the brush leaped a little fawn!

I slammed on my brakes and barely missed hitting it. 
My heart was pounding in my throat. 
All I could think of was,
"Were is your mother?" 

The little Fawn just stood there looking at 
me across the hood of my car.
 It did not move, only stood looking at me with
 those precious little fawn eyes.
Very slowly, a Doe and another fawn
 walked out of the brush, 
and over to the fawn. 
The Doe began to nudge the fawn forward.
All three of them turned and looked at me.
I just sat there in the middle of road 
watching them, watch me.
It was a "frozen in time" experience

I heard a horn honk, but it
 didn't register from where.
Then I heard someone knocking
 on the window of my car.

The rain had slowed and an angry looking face, 
a middle aged man, was yelling at me,
'What is your problem, get out of the middle 
of the road." he yelled.
Mind you this a gravel road with very little traffic. 
I didn't say anything, I just pointed at the deer family.

He rolled his eyes and got back in his car.
Once they had crossed the road I started to pull over, 
but, the angry man sped around me, and on his way.

I sat there for a few more minutes, 
watching the three of them meander along.
So unhurried and methodically eating.
Occasionally lifting their heads to look around.
It was a lesson for me to be less hurried,and slow down.
I am always in a hurry to complete the
 next project, or crochet pattern.
 These are important, but maybe there are times
 I need to slow down and enjoy the journey.
Do not get me wrong, I Love Crochet, 
Patterns and all things Yarny!
I was actually on my way to Hobby Lobby! 
But watching the Momma deer and baby Fawns,
 it made me want to slow down.
And, maybe have more patience.
Take a Deep Breath and enjoy Life.
3 bucks
All These Photographs were taken By me, 
with my camera, 
in my yard.
I Love living here! 

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