Saturday, August 30, 2014

Mini Hats - Crochet Pattern Collection of Mini Hats

This is a fun Collection of Mini Hat 
Free Crochet Patterns.
These are called "Mini Hats" Because the sit on top of the head.
You can add ties to keep them on.They are intended as
 photo props or for fun costumes, not for warmth.

The Model in this photograph is my Dog,
He is a professional Dog Model.
He loves to model and is paid a very high salary,
of  dog treats for every modeling session.
He often" whines" for a raise, and I am so appreciative of 
his work that I  have been known to give him 
several "raises" in one photo session.
These fun Little Hats can be used for 
human photo props too!
They are perfect for setting on a baby's head,  
or even as on a adults head for fun!

All these crochet patterns 
are written by me,
Sara Sach of

Just Click the name of the Pattern You want,
And it will take you to the blog 
where the Free pattern is located.

I think These Little Mini Hats 
are so much fun.
I several more ideas in my head
 for some more.

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