Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Colorado Strong Dog Hoodie - Small Dog Hoody Crochet pattern

Today's blog post is about a crochet pattern
 that has been in my brain for quite some time.

I Love Colorado and Love 
Making Colorado themed items and Patterns.
I really love how it turned out , as well as,
 the versatility of the pattern.
This is a great versatile Dog hoodie pattern - 
The Pattern includes instructions for Sizing, 
as well as measuring your dog. 
Also has lots of pictures.

It includes instructions for a hoodie,
 with and without the Ruffle, 
and can even be made without the hood.

The pattern makes it ideal for school or
team colors, or just your fav. colors. 

You can find this Crochet pattern
 in my Shops:
 Right side of Hoodie
Left side of hoodie with Applique

Left side of Hoodie, with ruffle skirt.

Is it Hoodie or Hoody?
I have googled and read, 
but I can not find the answer.
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Crochet patterns
click HERE

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