Thursday, August 14, 2014

Happy Birthday to My Daughter! More Silly Wigs!

Today is MY beautiful, 
and Amazing 
daughter's Birthday!
Happy Birthday!!!!!

When she was here visiting
 I released a fun crochet Wig pattern.
And we had fun playing with it!
Please go and Wish her 
Happy Birthday

You can find the free Pattern at this link

Well, we laughed about making 
some for the Pooches,
 So I did.
 Maximo Got a Camo with an orange stripe,
 and a tuft a hair at the top.
Rosie got Bright orange with a teal stripe 
and neon yellow bow.
I did add a tie to keep their hats
 on long enough to get a pic!
Maximo's head is a little bigger then Rosie's, 
so I added a few extra chains
 to make it longer.

They were not as amused as I was.
But once I paid them with a dog treat,
 they were plenty happy.
Then I realized the wigs would fit perfect on
 my grand daughter's doll.
As well as, the American girl dolls.

So I made the hats with the 

only making it smaller.
By adjusting the amount of 
chains and rows.
I started with 24 chains, 
and only did 14 rows. 
8 chs for the bangs,
 and I did 14 rows for the bangs, 
and 14 rows for the second side.

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