Friday, August 29, 2014

Design our own Wig Contest!!

Design Your Own Crochet Wig Contest!!!

Come join us in a fun Contest!
Please, Comment below 
if you are planning on participating!

1. You must use my Free Crochet pattern 
as the base of your Wig.
You can find it here: 

You can make it any color or
 combination of colors, 
and you can add any 
embellishments you like.
(You do not have to use the bow.)

2. You must submit a picture of your
 entry by Sept.19th.
Winner will be chosen on
Sept 30th

How to submit a picture:
You can post to my
 facebook page at 
or you can email it to me 
by using the contact tab
 here on the blog.

You can submit as a many entries as you want!!

What prize?
You want a prize for the winner?

Winner Will Receive......

Wait for it....
Wait for it......

yes!!!!!  That's right!!!!



The Style and Colors
 have yet to be announced.
I mean, does it really matter?
It's yarn!!!
So go ahead and get
 started on your wig,
and keep checking back!!!

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