Saturday, December 27, 2014

Adventures in Knitting for Posh Pooch Designs

I learned to Knit around the same time
 I was learning to Crochet.
I took to Crochet and although,
 I still would knit some,
 I really preferred to Crochet.

I  received this  gorgeous set 
of Knitting needles
 and have the itch to do 
some Knitting.

The Set is Called
Dreamz  Symfonie Wood
Interchangeable Deluxe Set 

These are the most amazing knitting needles
 I have ever used!
The needles are made of beautiful wood,
in different colors.
Easy to change, and wonderful to use. 
The yarn  slipped smoothly
as I began to knit.

In the past I have knit with both plastic 
and metal knitting needles.
 Maybe that was why I did 
not really like knitting.
These knitting needles make
 me want to knit!!!!

So This begins my 
adventures in knitting.
I could hardly sleep last night
 for all the knitting designs
floating in my head!

So be watching for me to go
 KnIt cRaZy
With fun designs!
Don Not panic!
 I will still be designing Crochet Patterns!

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