Tuesday, December 16, 2014

How I make Pompoms - Picture Tutorial

I love making pompoms.
 Many people have asked me,
 how I make mine.
Well, there are lots of contraptions
 you can use, 
and lots of different ways.

I have tried making pompoms 
with a pom pom maker,
 forks, card board tubes, 
and card board circles, 

But I like to just use my 
hand, scissors and yarn.
It is the simplest method
 I have every used.
And you can make 3 different sizes,
Again, just using your hand!
2 inch,   3 inch,     4 inch
Pom poms

This is an approximate measure, 
but it has been very accurate for me.

Okay, This is what I do.
For a 2 inch pom pom, 
I wrap the yarn around my 2 finger, loosely.

For a 3 inch pompom, 
I wrap the yarn around my 3 fingers, loosely.

For a 4 inch pom pom, 
I wrap the yarn around my 4 fingers, loosely.

You should be able to to
 wiggle your fingers.

The amount of wraps I do, 
depends on how thick I want the pom pom.
I usually wrap the yarn 20 to 30 times around.
 I have a 10 inch 
piece of yarn already cut.
I Slide that piece of yarn
 threw my fingers, 
with the tails to the front.
Then I Tie the yarn, 
and slide the loops off my fingers.

I then Make sure the
 tying yarn is centered, 
and tie securely.
Then I trim the pompom evenly.

This method works great for me.
I am working on a new Cowl design 
that will have pompoms and
 I will be using these pompoms.

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