Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Crochet, Exercise and Depression

Today's Blog is different than what I usually write.
but Please stick with me and I think you will understand
 what I am writing about.

I am also, putting myself out there 
and getting a little bit personal!

Crochet, Exercise and Depression 
 3 things you would not think go together.
Google them and you will find a "mega ton" of information 
and how they can work together and with great benefits!
My Exercise Area.

And knitting also.

And as I read through both lists,
There are a lot of similarities!

 "Building self-esteem, reducing stress, 

and releasing positive

 feelings in the form of serotonin.

 All of these benefits lead to an 

increase in positive feeling".

Okay, A little bit about me

I have never been diagnosed with Clinical Depression, 
But I have had times in my life,
 were I was completely depressed.
And I think if we are honest, we all have.

Shortly after we moved to Colorado, 
some events happened that totally threw
 me into a deep depression.
I felt Sucker punched, literally, 
By people who really didn't even
 know me or my family.

And just a little note of Caution - 

 I am a happy, "always looking on
 the bright side" sort of person, an encourager. 
But this situation just about did me in.
I Love living here, It is gorgeous!,
but I was hurting. 

Words and Gossip do hurt,
 and I was ready to give up.
But...... I didn't

I joined the Local Rec Center and began water aerobics 
and got to know some really wonderful ladies.
I started really putting a lot of emphasis in my Crochet  
and Crochet Designs 
and started doing more net working and 
got to know a lot a wonderful designers.

I would be lying if I said that, 
that"situation" doesn't hurt anymore,
 I have just decided, not to let it rule my life.

So I try to Exercise and Crochet Everyday!
Yes, That is a Crochet Project on my Bowflex Tread Climber.
This is my Exercise Area!
On days I don't go to the Rec. Center, I exercise at home.
Tread climber, (Santa Brought it to me for Christmas this year)
yoga, small weights, bands, and Ball work.

This is my View When I am exercising!
That is Pike's Peak -- the Snow has melted,
Still a Wonderful View.

I Know "Crochet and Exercise", 
is not a "prescription"
For Depression. But, I believe it was for me.
Has Crochet and/ or 
Exercise helped you with depression?

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