Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cowls - Crochet Pattern Collection

So,  is it a Cowl, a Scarf, 
an Infinity cowl 
or a Mobius Scarf?
I do not know! 

I Just know I love to wear Cowls.
I love to make them.
And love that because they are connected
 in a circle, I wont lose mine.

Here is a list of Cowls to make.
Thick, thin, long short, Solid and variegated.
Some for him and some for her.
And even a couple for the pooches or cats!

These are ALL FREE PATTERNS, too!
Just click the name of the one you want
 and the link will take you too the 
free crochet pattern.
These are all my photography.
As well as, my patterns, 
so I am not listing that
 under each Pattern name.

There is something on this list, 
for every one's taste or preference.
These are all fun to make, 
and would make great Christmas 
and Birthday gifts.
or make one for yourself!

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