Monday, December 22, 2014

Our Ugly Christmas Sweater Party was a great Success!!!!

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party 
was Fantastic!
We had So much fun and Houseful!
We loved it!
Thanks everyone for coming,
 it was so fun!
We had a bunch of Great Food, 
But This Cake my DIL 
made was so cute and Yummy.

 Ugly Sweater Cake
Dark Chocolate 
and Peppermint.
2 of my favorite things.

Rosie and Maximo were checking out the food.
The Food Was Great,
 But The Sweaters 
were so fun!
Then We played a Game.
We divided into 2  teams,
"Jingles" and "Bells"
Each team had to pick 
someone as team captain.
then I gave them a bag of "things".
They had to make an Ugly sweater, 
for the team Captain.
Who do you think won?

These next pictures are fun moments 
from the evening!

Colorado Snowman!
The end of his pipe fell off, 
so it looked like 
her snowman was smoking pot.
Maximo found a new friend.

Food, Friends and fun!

More Food, and Friends.

Maximo is making the rounds,
hoping for treats!

Maximo found another friend.

Maximo thinks he is gonna 
get his brownies -No way!

Pastor and Cheryl,
were a little late, 
so they are getting 
all caught up on the fun!

This is going to be an annual event.
So Start planning your Ugly sweater
 for next year, 

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