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Color Block Chunky Scarf - Free Knitting Pattern

Color Block Chunky Scarf - 
Free Knitting Pattern
 This is an easy Knitting Pattern 
and works up super fast.
It is soft, long, thick and comfy!

The yarn I used is
I Purchased this yarn from Joann's 
and saved it for just the perfect project.
This scarf is it.
I stitched it up in 2 evenings! 
It is a soft chunky yarn with small 
sequins running through it
 to give it a little sparkle.
It is so soft and squishy.

The Colors I used are:
 Red- Ruby Slippers,
Navy Blue - Night Sky, and
Purple - Purple Rain

Color Block Chunky Knitting pattern
 By Sara Sach

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Skill: Easy

Finished Dimensions:
12 X 72 inches

Straight Knitting Needles: US19 - 15mm
Yarn - Bulky Yarn ( 5) 3.5 oz - 93 yards each (3 skeins)
I skein of each: 
Red- Ruby Slippers   C1
Navy Blue - Night Sky  C2
Purple - Purple Rain  C3
Yarn Needle to weave in ends
Crochet Hook - H for attaching the fringe

Stitches and Abbreviations:
Knit  ( k)
Purl (p)
st (stitch)

21st  X 18 rows for a 12X12 inch swatch

Row 1 : With C1, Cast on 21 stitches, k across row
Row 2: k across row
Row 3 : k first 3 sts, P next 15 sts, k next 3 sts
Repeat Row 2 and Row 3 alternating for 18 rows

This will give you knit sts, garter stitch, on the edges, 
and Stockinette sts, in the center.
I like to st up the scarf with this method, 
to keep the scarf from curling on the sides.

Change to C2, Repeat Row 2 and Row 3 alternating for 18 rows

Change to C3, Repeat Row 2 and Row 3 alternating for 18 rows

k 2 more  rows. This gives you something to attach the fringe too.

Repeat With all 3 colors for a total of 2 blocks of each color.

Fringe: Cut 42 pieces of yarn, 14 of each color, 24 inches long. 

Using the Crochet Hook, loop a piece onto each st on both ends of the scarf.

The order of the fringe colors is up to you,
but I repeated red, purple, navy.
I hope you will make some of these.
This is a really basic Chunky Scarf Knitting Pattern.
You can have fun doing different colors.
You can use any chunky yarn, solid
 or variegated for different looks.
And make it color blocks or make it all one color.
Tons of color and style possibilities.
Anyway I Love mine.
I am so in love with chunky yarns right now.
 The chunkier the better.

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