Thursday, January 22, 2015

Is Time Valuable? | Posh Pooch Designs

It is Free, and Given Freely, 
But It is not, At No Cost.


A lady I met at the local Park,
 asked me to make a dog Sweater.
A fun gift for her friend's Dog. 
She told me exactly what colors of yarn
 she wanted, as well as, 
the style of dog sweater.
 One with lots of Ruffles 
and a big bow on the back..

This is my Rosie in her Red Ruffle Sweater Dress.

Here in Colorado, Winters are cold, 
And Furbabies do need sweaters

Then she asked, " How much will it cost"?
I Told her the price. 
The Dog Sweater will be $22.99
 for the size you need."

"What, WOW, I can buy the yarn at 
Hobby Hobby for a lot less.!"
 She said, rather loudly.

"Yes, You can, but all you will 
have is some pretty yarn."
I kindly replied.
If you want me to make it into a sweater, 
it will cost you $22.99.
She said, "Ill get back to you."

What it costs ME to make a Dog Sweater:

Yarn - 
for a Small dog Sweater it cost between $7-$10, depending on yarns.
Couple more $$ if I need a hook in the right size.
plus gas to go to the Store

It takes me 3 hours  to make a small dog Sweater.
More if there are lots of details and/or ruffles.
So, if I am paid  Minimum Wage, it would be $8.00 an hour.
$24.00 in time.

If The Sweater is ordered from one of my Online shops:
There is Shop fees and Paypal fees.

When you Purchase a Dog Sweater, 
hat, or any item from me,
 you will not only get a one of a kind,
 Custom made,
  item for your pooch or cat,
You also get 
my time, talent and lot of love. 

Time is Valuable.
It can not be returned or exchanged.

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