Saturday, January 10, 2015

Lace Ruffle Scarves - How to Knit and Crochet them.

I Love The Lace Ruffle Scarves!

A Friend asked me the other day, 
"Do you Knit or Crochet your Lace Scarves"?

I have Crocheted some and I have Knit some.
Let's compare the 2 techniques.

The Lime Green Scarf is Crochet.
It works up fast, and is a lot easier then knitting,
and it does end up being a lot longer scarf.
But mine have broken with very little wear.
And are not as ruffly as I would like. 
I have been known to whip one up 
at the last minute to go with an outfit. 

The link on how I crochet mine.


The Black and White scarf is Knit.
There is clearly a difference.
The knit scarf is thicker and fuller 
and I also found that knitting them,
 makes them hold up longer.
And have twice as many ruffles.
To knit one it takes me about 1 1/2 hours.
But well worth the extra time spent.

How I Knit The Lace Ruffle Scarves:

Skill: Easy

Knitting needles - US13 -9.0mm
The Truth is you can use any knitting needles, 
as long as they fit through the loops on the yarn.
1 skein of your choice of any Lace Ruffle yarn

Knit (k)
Cast On (CO)
Skip (sk)
Bind Off (BO)

CO By putting the first loop on your needle, 
*sk the next 2 loops, put the next loop on the needle*,
Repeat From * to *  4 more times for 6 loops on your needle.

 To K the next row - *k the next loop, *sk the next 2 loops*,
Repeat From * to *  5 more times

Continue this technique till you reach  length desired.
I knit tilll there is about 10 inches left of the skein.

Bo,  then either tie a knot or
tie the 2 ends together for an infinity scarf.
I prefer an infinity scarf, so it does not get lost.

If you want a more Ruffly scarf, 
you can skip more then 2 loops, between k sts.
This is my Grand daughter
wearing a scarf I knitted a few years ago.
These are all Scarves that I knitted.
I do still crochet them sometimes, 
But I really do prefer to knit them.
So pick up those knitting needles
 and make yourself some lovely scarves.

This pic of me is a little blurry, 
because my daughter 
and I were making a video. 
You can see that at this Link:

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