Monday, April 13, 2015

Do you like Crochet A Longs? I do - Come join us! | Posh Pooch Designs

We are getting ready to start 
a Crochet a long!
 I am very excited as I love to do them.

A "Crochet A Long" is where, 
we as group, 
work on the same crochet project.

Click the link below
to join the group.
You do not have to join the group,
 But I would like you too, and post your pics,
 so we can see every one's yarn choices
 and progress, or ask questions.

You can also post pics to 
my facebook page at

I added the CAL To Ravelry
So you can add it to your projects 
and add pics there, also.
Ravelry  - CAL Puppy Toy

For a Complete Photo Tutorial PDF file 
of this pattern for $1.50 in my Craftsy shop
Click HERE

 The instruction for each step will 
be placed  here on the blog.

The Supplies List will be posted 
Thursday, April 16

The Supplies/ Materials List
 has been posted

The Steps will be posted:
I will link them up as they are posted.

Here is a sneak Peek 
of What we will will crocheting.

Hint - it is a dog toy, but I think everyone,
 pooch, baby, child or adult will love this toy!

Also, The project level will be Easy
so everyone can enjoy making this item.

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