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Double Ruffled Headband Ear Warmer Free Crochet Pattern

The Double Ruffle Headband And
Ear Warmer Crochet Pattern
 By Sara Sach of

Coral Ombre Red Heart, Red Heart Stripes 
and Red Heart Americana

This Headband is perfect for Fall and Winter, too.
It can be stitched up with Worsted Weight (4) Yarn 
or Cotton Yarns for a cooler headband.
It is wide enough to cover your ears when it's cold.
It is great for early mornings and 
late evenings, when it is cool.
This is a super easy and quick project.
It's all stitched in single and Double crochets.
Choose some fun Buttons for a personal tough.

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Double Ruffled Headband Ear Warmer Crochet Pattern
Sara Sach
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Skill: Easy

Crochet Hook - H/ 5.0MM
Yarn - Worsted Weight (4) or Cotton yarns  (about 3 oz.)
3  Buttons - 1 1/4 inch decorative
4 Stitch Marker to mark Rows for the Ruffles

Chain (ch)
Single Crochet (sc)
Double Crochet (dc)
Back Loops only (blo)
Stitch Together (st tog)

Ch 1 at ends of rows is a turning ch and does not count as a st.
Ch3 counts as a dc

Size: Youth to adult - 18-20 inch heads
Add or subtract rows to adjust the length.
Band is 3 inches wide, and is very stretchy.

R: 1 - ch 11, 1 sc in 2nd ch from the hook, and in each ch across, ch 1, turn.

R: 2 - 1 sc in each sc, ch1, turn. (10sc)

R: 3- 10  - Repeat R : 2

R: 11 - 2 sc in the 1st sc, 1 sc in the next 8 sc, 2 sc in the last sc, ch1, turn.
(12 sc)

R: 12 - Working in the blo, 1 sc in each sc, ch 1, turn. (12 sc)

R: 13 - 54 - Repeat R : 12 (12sc)

R: 55 - No longer working in the blo, st tog the 1st 2 sc,
1 sc in the next 8 sc, st tog the last 2 sc, ch1, turn (10sc)

R: 56- R: 64 - 1 sc in each sc, ch1, turn (10sc)

Leave a 24 in tail of yarn for sewing the ends together.

Ruffles -
Mark with your Stitch Markers R: 38, R: 40, R: 46, R: 48

Attach yarn to R: 40, in the 1st loop on top of the stitch ridge,
 ch3, 3 dc in each sc across row, ch 3, sl st in the last sc,

 sl st in the side of the row, then sl st  in the 1st loop on top
 of the stitch ridge of the next row, (R: 42)
ch3, 3 dc in each sc across row, ch 3, sl st in the last sc, 
tie off weave in your ends.

Repeat on R: 46 and R: 48

Space your Button in the space between the 2 sets of ruffles
 and sew securely in place.

Place the ends of the headband together, and sew the ends 
 together securely with the yarn tail. Weave in your ends.
I Love the way the stripes of Color worked on this one.

Here are 2 other ones I made :
Vanna's Choice WW (4) and
 I Love This Cotton Sparkle

I used I Love This Cotton Sparkle By Hobby Lobby.
When it comes to cotton yarns, it is my favorite.
And if you want it smaller or larger, 
just do less or more rows, according to 
your head measurement.

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