Friday, April 10, 2015

Printing Patterns From Blogs | Posh Pooch Designs

I am going to start this blog with a Question,
"Why do you print patterns from blogs"?
You are cruising Pinterest, Facebook, Ravelry 
or the Internet and find a blog with a Free adorable 
Crochet, or Knitting Pattern that you want to make.
You want to save it, But the blog 
post doesn't have a print button.

What do you do?

I Never print off a pattern unless it is mine
 and want to tweak or retest it.
I can not even remember 
the last time I printed a pattern.

Do What I do, 
and you will never have to, again!

This is what I do:
I favorite and save it to my library in Ravelry,
 or pin it to Pinterest.
 When I want to stitch it up,
 I work off my computer or tablet.

If you do not have a 
Ravelry or Pinterest Account, 
I encourage you to open one.
 Both are free and a 
wonderful resource.

Now if you feel you must print 
off one of my patterns
 from my blog,
Copy and paste the pattern portion
 to a word document,
then print that document.
I get close to 25-30 emails daily from people
 asking me to email them a  
pattern that is free on my blog..
Just so you know,
 I will probably not email it to you, 
That is the reason I put it on my blog for free.

Thank you for liking my patterns, 
and blog.
 Keep checking back for lots of fun 
crochet and knitting patterns.

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