Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Christmas Santa Dog Bandanna Knitting Pattern | Posh Pooch Designs

Do you need a fun Christmas Photo Prop
 for your Pooch or Cat?
How about stitching up a 
Festive Holiday Bandanna?
These bandannas are the perfect thing
 to add a Holiday touch to 
your family Christmas photo.
The Green Bandanna is Knit
The Red Bandanna is Crochet.
So a Pattern for whichever 
Yarn Art you prefer.

On Today's Blog I am posting 
the Knitting Pattern
and Tomorrow I will post 
the Crochet Pattern.
If you would like an 
Ad Free PDF Download 
You can find it at this link:
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PDF contains both the 
Knitting and Crochet Patterns.

Christmas Santa Dog Bandanna Knitting Pattern By Sara Sach
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Skill- Easy

Materials -
Long Straight Knitting Needles- US10 - 6.00 m
Yarn - Worsted Weight (4) 2 oz. Red or Green-C1
             Small Amount of Black-C2, White-C3
              and White Fuzzy-C4
I used I Love This yarn Sparkle Green or Red, 
White, and Solid Black
Buckle - 1 to 1.5 inch. I purchased mine from Hobby Lobby.
Yarn Needle

Stitches and Terms:
Cast on (CO)
Bind Off (BO)
Knit (k)
Together (tog)
Decrease (dec)
Change (chg)

Sizes: Pattern has 3 sizes Small (Medium, Large)
S -2-15 lbs. M-16-30lbs., L 31-50 lbs.

CO 50(65, 80) sts with C3
R : 1-4 - k all sts for 4 rows (garter stitch)

R : 5 - BO 1st 15(20, 25) stitches, k the rest of the sts across row,
(35, 45, 55 sts left on needle)
R : 6 - BO 1st 15(20, 25) stitches, k the rest of the sts across row,
(20, 25, 30 sts left on needle)

The ties are not intended to be long, but just long enough to tie, 
So the ties do not hang to far down and 
Be in the way of walking, or get snagged in toe tails.

R : 7 -  chg to C1, k all sts

R : 8 -10 – k al sts

R : 11 – Chg to C2, Repeat R : 8

R : 12 – Repeat R : 8

R : 13 – chg to C1, k tog 1st 2 sts, knit 16(21, 26) sts, k tog last 2 sts

R : 14 – k all sts

R : 15 - k tog 1st 2 sts, knit 16(21, 26) sts, k tog last 2 sts

Continue to repeat R : 14 and R : 15, 
Stitching 2 dec every other row, till there is only 2 sts on the needle.
BO and weave in your ends. 

2 Trim options: Both work great with similar results.
Trim- With the Crochet Hook, and the fuzzy yarn,
sc across the edge of the Bandanna.
Thread the Fuzzy yarn in your yarn needle,
And Whip stitch the fuzzy yarn across the edge of the bandanna.

Buckle – Lay buckle on the center of the black stripe.
Sew in place with matching thread and yarn needle.

You can find the
Crochet Pattern HERE
Doesn't Maximo look proud 
of his Bandanna?
He is such a Ham!


Anonymous said...

I love these knit Christmas collars. I wish you would offer more free knitting patterns and a less crochet patterns.

Unknown said...

I also like the knit patterns!