Friday, October 23, 2015

It's All In The Family - Free Crochet Hat Patterns | Posh Pooch Designs

At one time or another,
 I have talked my kids and grand kids,
into doing some modeling for me.
So, I thought it would be fun 
to Put some of these together in a blog.
I have the best family ever.
They are willing to embarrass themselves,
 for me and my craft.

All These are Free Crochet Patterns 
and Would be great to add to a costume
 for Halloween or to wear for fun.

Just click the name of the pattern,
 it is the link
to the Blog with the Free pattern.

First off we have 
my Daughter in law in the

My Son in the

and my Grand daughter in the

Next is my daughter 
and my other Grand daughter
 and me, modeling The 

 I thought I had one of my
 Grand Son modeling.
So since I do not,
 I will post one of my Daughter's 
Crochet Patterns.

My daughter's Crochet Blog is
 She uses her Children as
 models, too!
Daughter and Son In law
he models for her some, also.

I need to get my Son In Law
 to do a little modeling
 next time we are together, as well.

I Love my Family.
God has given me the best family.

I am hoping for new family pictures
 of them for Christmas this year.
If I don't get some, I will print these 
off and put them in fancy frames, 
And hang them on the wall in 
the family room.

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