Saturday, October 3, 2015

Weaving In Your Ends | Posh Pooch Designs

I hate weaving in my yarn ends,
 at the end of a project.
I try to weave them in as I go, 
but you can not always do that.
I Have been working on a
 for several months now.
I take all my left over yarns and 
add them as I go.
Which means lots of ends to weave in.
This is the 3rd one I have  made.
 I Love the stitch. 
I also love how all the colors, 
which seem like they don't go together,
fit together nicely.

Red Heart has a nice video on 
Here is another one I really like.

The issue I was having,
 was what type of needles to use?

I have fund the best Finishing Needles
 for doing this.
You can get these at Hobby Lobby, 
Michael's and JoAnn's.
They are the best . 
They come in a package with 5 sizes.
From cotton thread to Chunky yarns, 
One package has got you covered.

The sides are sort of bendy, 
so no fiddling with getting
 the yarn through the hole.
And They are very durable. 
Here, I am weaving in both
 the ends of the yarn 
at the same time.
They slide through with ease.

Here, you can not even see where 
I weaved the yarn end in.
So it makes pretty quick work when you 
don't have to mess around 
threading the needle.
These are one of the best tools 
for working with yarns 
I have ever invested in.

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