Thursday, May 25, 2017

Our "Bark Box" Came In | Posh Pooch Designs

I received A "Bark Box" For my Pooches
the other day! and We Love it!
What is a "Bark Box" you ask?

Basically, you receive a Box of Goodies, 
toys and stuff each month, 
put together especially for your pooches.

We had so much fun checking out the new fun stuff!
It was a beautiful day, so we went out on 
the back deck to play.
Their favorite treat was The Chew Bone called 
 Chickie Twizzies.
It was a little big for them, so I broke it in to 6 pieces.
They chewed on them all day and into the evening!
It got too hot so we went under the covered deck
to play.
 The little Squeaker phone was the Favorite toy.
Looks like Maximo is ordering a pizza!
"Ruff, Ruff...Can you hear me now ...Bow Wow?"
I put down the 2 toys to see which toy they liked best, 
and they ignored them both, and 
just kept chewing on their Chew bones.
So What was in the Bark Box?
Duck Tots Dog Treats -  They Loved Them!

Chickie Twizzies Dog Chew - They Loved It!

GIGA Bite Pork Flavored Treats - Maximo did not car for them
     Rosie Will eat anything.
They Smelled really salty to me, we will try them again later.

Skate Toy - Really Liked it.

Squeaker Phone - Love it so much they fought over it.

Here is Maximo and Rosie Fighting over the Squeaker Phone!
Even Pooches like their phones!

The Box had fun new things I had never seen, 
and new products are always fun to try.
We Can hardly wait to see what next month's 
Bark Box will have in it!

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