Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Live Video Chat - YARN WARS! | Posh Pooch Designs

Live Video Chat With Sara Sach

We are discussing Yarn Wars today,
 but actually 
Crochet Versus Knitting
See The Live Video on my 
Youtube Channel at This LINK

Which do you like better?

The Tools:
Crocheting                                 Knitting
 1 hook                                 2 Needles
Yarn                                     Yarn

I know there are a lot of incidentals, such as 
stitch markers, measuring tape, yarn needles,
and more depending on the project.

I love to design using both techniques,
 But it seems that there is
"no love lost" Between  the 2 groups.
I have a hard time with this.
I have even been told, 
"You need to use more expensive yarns in your designs".
I totally understand using expensive yarns, 
as I love to play with all styles, 
textures and colors of yarns.
When I walk into Yarn Stores, sometimes 
I just stand there 
and soak in all the "Yarny Goodness".
I have even been know to "squeeze and caress" yarns.
I admit it.................

When it comes to any Pattern I design,
 whether Crochet or Knitting,
 is my goal to design a pattern that
anyone one is able to stitch it up.

I try to keep my patterns simple and
 I try to use yarns that are accessible, 

 You can always substitute any expensive yarns,
for less expensive yarns of similar weight.
And I often do this.
You can pick up a Crochet Hook or 
set of Knitting Needles for a few bucks.
As well as, pick  up a couple of skeins or balls of yarn
 for a couple of bucks.
Grab some Free patterns from Online, 
and get busy creating.
 Once People see that they can create fun 
and useful items,
they will learn to love this wonderful Art.
They may even gain confidence to tackle 
harder projects
 and spend more money on the expensive yarns, 
without fear of wasting it.

I want all people to be able to Crochet and Knit.
I think ALL people should love it, like I do!
I do not want anyone to feel they cannot
 learn to Knit or Crochet
 because they cannot afford it.
We all love yarn and creating things from yarn, whether we knit or crochet.

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