Saturday, May 27, 2017

Polymer Clay Pendant With Crochet Chain | Posh Pooch Designs

This is a super easy project with lots of fun color possibilities.
Choose your clay colors.
Choose your string, leather or yarn colors.
Choose your shapes.
Choose Glitter, gloss or matte Finish.

See The Video on my Youtube Channel
 at This LINK 
This is a great project for kids to adults!

What you need for the Pendants:
Oven bake clay in colors of choice
Small Cutters in shape of choice
Parchment paper
Rolling pin
Set oven to 225 degrees
Bake for 15 minutes

What You need for the Chain:
Crochet Hook - G 4.25 mm
Yarn Weight 3 or 4 - small amount
Form a Slip knot and Chain  40 or more ch. 
It needs to be long enough to slip over your head.
Cut yarn, tie off. Place the ends together and tie a knot.
Place Pendant on the chain as shown in the video.
OR You can use a thin leather strap for the necklace.
If you make some please post a pic to my facebook page.

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