Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Live With Sara " That's A Wrap, or A Shawl" | Posh Pooch Designs

Live Video Chat with Sara Sach
We are discussing The Question, 
"Is It A Wrap, A Shawl or A Triangle Scarf?"
Many people think no one wears Shawls or Wraps any more,
 except "little old ladies", 
but they are wrong!
I Love them all and with all the wonderful new yarns,
 you can make them modern, elegant and classy!

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A Wrap - A Wrap is usually a large Rectangle that is 
literally wrapped around the body.

A Shawl - A Shawl Usually a Large Triangle shaped Wrap
 the is wrapped around the Shoulders.

A Triangle Scarf - The Triangle Scarf is usually made 
similar to the Shawl only more narrow, and usually only
 wrapped around the neck. 

Many Designers will call them by different names, 
like a Wrap Shawl, or Shawlette.
There is also a New Tend called a Mega Scarf
Which is a huge scarf that is wrapped around the neck 
and body. I am wearing one in the first picture.
 It is more of  a Skinny blanket or afghan, and I Love it.
But I am cold all the time..Even in summer.

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