Tuesday, May 30, 2017

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Answering a Few Fun and Silly Questions!

"I Don't know What the Question is, 
But the answer is Yarn."

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1. Why does Rosie always look like she
 is going to cry?

When Rosie was about 5 months old,
She developed what is called Cherry eyes. The 2nd 
flap or eye lid of her eyes had to be removed, so this makes her eyes look watery all the time. 

2. Why does Maximo squint his eye all the time.

Maximo is very sensitive to bright lights, and the sun. 
So he squints his eyes like we do. 

3. Why don't your dog's Smile in their pictures.

Well, Do do not smile like we do. 
They wag their tails and their eyes Light up
 when they are happy.  It may seem like they are not happy, 
but they really are very happy.
Crochet Related Questions:

1. Is Crochet just For old ladies?
But you can learn a lot from older ladies and men who learned to crochet without the help of Youtube.

2. If you crochet, I assume you
can knit too? or Visa Versa?

What a Silly notion.
They are 2 completely different arts.
That's like saying, if you can drive a car, I assume
you can fly a plane.

3. I bought or found a great pattern,
But the designer made it with red yarn,
Can I made it Blue?

You can use any color of yarn you like,
just make sure the yarn weight is the same.

4. I don't have the crochet hook size the Pattern
is calling for, can I use a bigger
or smaller hook?

It is best to use the size hook called for in the
pattern. If you must go up or down a hook size,
try to match the gauge or size indicated by the

5. I can not afford expensive yarns,
is it okay to buy and use inexpensive yarn.

Absolutely, There is a lot of beautiful yarn out there
that is reasonably priced. I do on occasion purchased expensive yarns, but only for a specific pattern or purpose.

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Remember - No Question is Silly or Stupid!
If you have a Question, Feel Free to ask.
If I don't know the answer, 
I will Try to find you the Answer.

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