Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Live Video - Virtual Halloween Party and Let's Throw A Little Fit! | Posh Pooch Designs

Live With Sara 
Today's Topic:
 Virtual Halloween Party and 
Let's Throw A Little Fit!

See The Video on my Youtube Channel
 at This LINK

For a Halloween Party we need:

1. Costume - Oma's Curler Hat
or as My Grand daughter says,"
Oh No, Oma has Curlers in her hair, Let's Go to Walmart!
Free Crochet Pattern and 
Video at This Link

2. Drinks - Say No to Pumpkin Coffee -
Fall Coffee
Coffee,Cinnamon sticks, and an Orange 
I hot cup of coffee
Cinnamon Stick
1 Slice of Orange - Squeeze into cup,
a little sugar or Splenda to taste
 then put the slice in the coffee cup and sip slowly.

3. Snacks - Harvest Snack Mix
Bag Candy Corn
Salted roasted nuts
Candy coated Chocolates
You can add Corn Chex for a little Crunch if you like.
Mix equal amounts in a bowl and eat it!

4. A Craft - "Throw A Little Fit".
A Little Left over Yarn
Set of Wiggly Eyes
Hot Glue and gun, or Fabric Glue
Make a pompom, about 2 - 3 inches across.
 Glue on the eyes.
And print this, and attach to pompom with
 a piece of yarn.

5. Dogs and Halloween -
Do not let them get into the candy - 
Sugar and Chocolate are bad for them. 

If you dress them up, pay attention to make sure the costume has not shifted. Hats can flip down and 
become a strangling or tripping hazards.

Also dogs can get scared from all the door knocking
 and Children, and even most pleasant dog might become agitated. They may need the safety of their crate or
 bed, were ever they feel safe.

Do Give them Pumpkin - Don't throw out your used real pumpkin, give it to your pooch. Slice it into little pieces Fresh pumpkin is a great treat for a dog, and great for digestion. And you can also dehydrate it and store it in
 zip bags.

Have a Happy Halloween!
See you next week.
 The topic will be "Free Form Crochet".

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