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Live Video - What Are The Best Yarns For Making Chemo Hats? | Posh Pooch Designs

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What Are The Best Yarns For Making Chemo Hats?

This is a very good Question.
I have made many Chemo hats and beanies,
 for my mom and for other's. The main thing when making these hats,  is that the yarn needs to be soft.
They will need Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Chemo hats.
My mom's head would get cold, even in the summer
 in the air conditioning.

Another thing to remember is when People are
 going through Chemo treatments, their hair falls out
 rather quickly and can leave their heads a little sensitive.

See The  Video on my Youtube Channel
 at This LINK
The Yarns I recommend are:
Caron simply Soft
Red Heart Soft
Red Heart Soft Essentials
Hobby Lobby Soft Secret
Lion Brand Homespun
I Love This Cotton / Hobby Lobby
Bernat Cotton
Ice Creme Baby Lion Brand
There are many more acceptable Yarns,
 these are just my favorites for Chemo hats.
And No! It does not have to be pink.

Don't use yarns that are bumpy, rough or
 have metallic or satin thread running through them.
or have loose threads or hairs.
These can be scratchy or uncomfortable on
 hairless heads.

How to test a yarn if it will work for a
 Chemo Hat or beanie
Rub the yarn against your upper arm.
not your cheek...you maybe wearing make up.
If it isn't soft on your arm, it will not be soft 
on their head.
So Now that I know what yarn to use, 
What Pattern do I use?
You can actually use just about any crochet or knit
pattern you would like. There is no set hat pattern that 
has to be used. Just make sure to match your 
yarn weight with the pattern.
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Mel said...

Would sugar n cream work for chemo caps?

Mel said...

Its a cotton yarn