Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Live Video - "Why Does My Beginning Chain Curl?" | Posh Pooch Designs

Live With Sara  of
 Posh Pooch Designs

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Before we discuss Today's Topic, I want to answer
 a Question:
"Why did you film  some videos the other way?"

When we first started making videos, I wanted the Video to be a companion and help to the written pattern. I also wanted to help both right and left handed crocheters. I filmed videos to answer questions about my patterns or stitches.
As I learned more about what people wanted and needed, 
in the videos, 
 I decided to change my "Point of View".
Don't Panic - I am still my silly imperfect self.
My goal is to share my love of yarn and crochet with others.

Today's Topic:
Why does my beginning chain curl?
Is my beginning chain too tight? 
Is is my beginning chain too loose?
Am I using the wrong size Crochet hook?
Each Sample is  "ch 12, 1 dc in the 4th ch from the hook, 
1 dc in each ch across, ch3, turn(10dc)
 1 dc in each st across....

If your Chain is too tight, you can go up a hook size.
And if your Chain is too loose you can go down a hook size.
For Just the Beginning chain, and then use the suggested
 hook for the rest of the project.


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