Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Live Video - "Is it a Blanket, An Afghan or a Throw?" | Posh Pooch Designs

Live With Sara 

Today's Topic is the Question,
"What is the difference between 
A Blanket, An Afghan or A Throw?"

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I  thought a Blanket was a large Afghan, 
and a Throw was a small Blanket!

I was wrong and right!

A Blanket - Is any large fabric that is used to keep you warm. I can be Wool, Flannel or any warm fabric.

An Afghan - Is usually a crocheted or knitted Blanket.
It is usually just as big as a blanket, but can be any size.

A Throw - I usually a smaller Blanket or Afghan, it can be made of fabric, or it can be crochet or knit. It is called a Throw because it is usually tossed across a bed or chair.

So the "Large and the Small" of it is, that they are really interchangeable terms. Call it what ever you want.
Just make sure it is crocheted! 

Joke - What did the Mommy Ghost Crochet
 For her baby?


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Next Week's Topic is 
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