Tuesday, June 4, 2019


With Sara Sach of Posh Pooch Designs

I Am So excited About June's Give Away!
You are going to love these.
 2 Cakes of Red Heart Amigurumi Yarn
Super Fine (1)
100% Acrylic - 3.5 oz. on each cake
1 Unicorn and 1 Elephant
case of 35 Stitch Markers

To enter Just comment on the Youtube
(Link Below)
or on the
 Live Facebook 
chat at 
this LINK

I will announce the Winner on June 17, 2019
Tuesday at 9:30 AM Mountain time 
on the Posh Pooch Designs Facebook Page.

See The Video on my Youtube Crochet
Channel At This LINK


Let's Answer a few Questions:

1. Why are there ads on your Youtube Channel?
The ads on the channel help me keep my Patterns Free
 for you.
As well, Pay For Materials, like yarns, hooks, buttons,
 needles, and Scissors. And there is also computers, 
cameras, lights, and microphones, Programs and apps. 
It actually cost quite a bit of money to keep my equipment
 and programs up to date.

2. Why are there ads on your Blog?
The Same is true of my Blog.
There are many little expenses that we as designers,
 do not talk about.

3. One The last thing About The Ads on the Blog and Youtube Channel. 
Crochet Pattern Designing also costs a lot of time.
Time away from family and Friends.
It's more than just the time it takes to film.
 There is the time it takes to design, test, write, 
 test and retest the patterns. 
It also takes time to photograph and edit pictures.
Film, and Edit  the Video.

The Average Pattern takes about 48 hours from start to finish.
So 48 X 10 ($10.00 per hour labor) = $480.00
So you see Crochet Patterns really are not Free at all.

How you can help me keep the Patterns Free for You: You can skip the ads, or click the X in the corner to remove it.
But if you just let it play, you are helping me earn a little extra money, so I can keep designing patterns for you.
Start the Video - Go get a drink or Snack, 
then the add is usually done.


What's New This Week at

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Opa's Hat - Men's Summer Bucket Hat
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Cotton Sweatband  and Headband - 2 Widths
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Thank you For Stopping By!
See Ya Next Week! 

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