Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Day Fun!

I ran out to get some more packaging supplies,
and as I was walking past the check out  
counter I saw the glasses
with a  nose and mustache, hanging on an end cap.
I just could not resist buying some!
(I wonder if the dogs will wear these.)
I put them on "Buffy" the Stuffed dog model...
Rosie just looked at her. 
Rosie is always scared of new things,
so I thought she might not be afraid
 if I set them on her friend.
Then I put a pair on Maximo. 
He is such a sweet, gentle guy that he
 just sat there looking at me,
 Rosie just looked at Maximo and then at me.
  She still was not happy with this whole Glasses thing.
Then I added the cool Jamaican hat!
I think Maximo was posing like a true Jamaican would.
Rosie was not having any of it!
I put the Rainbow stripe hat on her, 
She didn't mind, she is used to hats,
but then I put the glasses on her.... NO WAY!

(Maximo just waited patiently.)

So we left it at the Cool hats.

Jamaican Dog Hat Crochet Pattern 
can be found at this LINK

I Love these Dogs with their
so different personalities.
They are the best Dog Models ever,
and they make my life so Fun!


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Nicole and Macho said...

These pictures are so adorable! My coworkers and I are laughing at the second one. Very cute!


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So hilarious. That bottom picture is tooo cute!

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Lisby said...

Rosie looks so much like my Chihuahua Lilly! In fact we almost named her Rosie. We also have a 2nd Chihuahua Daisy. I look forward to making her some posh pooch designs!

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