Sunday, April 24, 2011

My First Crochet Along - It was So Fun !

Mystery Crochet Along  @ Cami's Creative Commodities

I had never done a "Crochet Along" before and wasn't sure I could.
 Each Day only a part of the Crochet Pattern is given,
and you have to follow the instructions without pictures!!!!
Now I am a visual person and need pics.

Before we started she gave us a supplies list:

Red heart yarn - our choice
Little bit of Black yarn, batting,
Ribbon, hook and yarn needle.
Not too many supplies..So I had some hope!

Here was my progress.....

Day 1 - A Big Ball.

Day 2 - A Small ball... hum..

Days 1 - 5
Big Ball,  little Ball,  Med. Ball,
to half circles, and two tubes?
I am starting to to think ..PIG?  

Okay..All the pieces.....we now have 4 tubes, and 
 two black circles..yep I am thinking pig.

Here is my finished "Bear"..LOL.
 Yes, it is a bear.
My Son says it is a pig, my dil says it's a monkey..
But it is really a bear.
I choose red yarn because  I already had it..
now I wished I would have chosen brown or cream.

This was very fun and am looking forward to doing this again..

as a matter of fact I am thinking of hosting one myself.

Something Dog related.

Anyone interested? 


CrochetBlogger said...

Sounds like a fun experience! Cute pig/beard/dog. :)

Crafters Care said...

I love crochet alongs. I would love to partipate in yours. I love the bear!

Elisabeth Spivey said...

I didn't do this one but followed along. I thought the end result was a bunny ? !? how did you get a bear..LOL

Maxi said...

Me likes the bear

karen said...

I would love to do a crochet a long. Sounds like fun. Especially dog related. :)