Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Really Big Garage Sale! Really?

Well, we have decided to have a
 this week-end since we are relocating.
Our son  and His Wife are moving as well. 
 So we are going to combine them.  
 Great idea!
This all sounds great, but now that I have spent
one day gathering everything together.....
I am not so sure.

It is amazing the amount of
"Nice Junk"
you can accumulate!

So as the Garage sale adventure continues...
I will keep you posted!

As I was going through the closet, pulling out extra things to put in the garage sale,
 I came across these. They are Crochet Sweater hangers.
They keep the hanger from making bumps on the shoulders of your sweater.
 My MIL made these for me many years ago...
.I wish I had paid attention when she showed me how to make them.

Come on by...Everything will be priced
cheap, cheap, cheap!!!

Help I am buried under
 a pile of beanie babies!!!!!

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