Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Learning How to make T-Shirt yarn or "Tarn"

I wanted to learn how to make
 T-shirt Yarn or "Tarn" 
as it is sometimes called.

I had heard alot about it, so decided to try it.
The first thing I did was raid my husbands
 T-shirt drawer. Once I picked the color I wanted,

I laid the it on the counter  flat, and cut  the hem off
and cut  across the chest, right under the sleeves.,

I The turned it side ways so the folds were on the top and bottom.
 I folded the Top down about 2 inches. 
 (Now, I did not measure anything,
I eyeballed it all.)
 I cut from bottom to top  about 1 inch strips,
stopping short of the fold. I did this all the way across the the T-Shirt.

I  opened the end of the T-shirt the  I did not cut, and mat a cut from the first,
 strip to the next strip. It will be  a slanted cut.

I was struggling a little with cutting the next slanted cuts,
so I got out my big tea pitcher, and laid it the T-Shirt on top.
 This really helped a lot.

As I cut each strip, I unwound it and let it drape to the floor.
Isn't it pretty?

Once I had the "Tarn" all cut, It need to be stretched to look like yarn.
I gently pulled on the yarn to get it to stretch,
but not to hard or it will break.

I ended up making three different colors. I had to stop,
 because all the cutting was rubbing a blister on my finger.
(yes, I am a big baby!)

With Tarn I made this yarn Bowl.
I think is is lovely.
See it at This LINK

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